Steps In Winterize Outboard Motor Maintenance

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As a boat owner, you should have an annual ritual noted on your calendar as a ‘winterize outboard motor’ memo. This critical maintenance will prolong the life of your engine and be sure you might be ready for the reopening of boating season.

It’s crucial to keep and follow the owner’s manual. Kinds of lubricants, steps of maintenance, and varieties of replacement parts will probably be clearly specified and very helpful. The warranty may also demand the use of particular merchandise.

Boats operated in salt or brackish water call for engine flushing with freshwater. You can find kits which are created to connect to the cooling system for this procedure.

When powering up for the last time, add a fuel conditioner as directed to the gas tank. When the boat is placed in storage, the fuel tank and also the carburetor ought to be empty. The tank may be drained by removing the drain plug or taking off a line.

To drain the carburetor, the fuel is shut off and the engine allowed to run until it dies. This shows that the last bit of fuel has been burned as well as the carburetor is empty.

Each and every spark plug needs to be removed and oil squirted into the hole. The flywheel might be turned by hand to permit oil to lubricate the walls of the cylinders. The plug(s) should be replaced in their sockets. A thorough check for loose nuts, bolts, and screws may be completed at this time.

Run more than the entire engine using a soft cloth to remove excess oil and to spread a thin coat of oil more than the metal surfaces to stop rust. Eliminate the battery, if any, and store it using a full charge, checking the water level within the cells. Full cells will hold their charge. Keep every little thing inside or under a waterproof cover.

This winterize outboard motor routine will guarantee that all is ready for the start off of the next boating season.

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