The Advantages And Drawbacks Of Learning To Become A Driving Instructor

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If you’re looking to become a driving instructor then it is important to be aware of all the benefits and drawbacks.

This post is intended to be a quick fire list of the pros and cons of learning to be a driving instructor, to assist you in making a decision.

Some of the advantages of working as a driving instructor:

As a driving instructor you’ll be working for yourself, this has many advantages if you have the right attitude. You are in complete control of your day and working week, as well as being able to choose your own hourly rate are very nice benefits.

Your annual income as a driving instructor can also be quite noteworthy. Its by no means one of the biggest earning careers around, but your salary will be very comfortable and worth your while.

If job satisfaction is important to you, then a career as a driving instructor may be ideal. As you are teaching, you can take a lot of satisfaction from seeing your learners improve and eventually pass their test.

Its a bit of a cliche but no 2 days are the same. All of your learners will be at different stages of their progression and improving all the time. You won’t find it boring, and its unlikely you’ll know what to expect from hour to hour.

As with our points of job satisfaction, you will take great pride in your work and your performance. You’ll improve as an instructor with each lesson as you gain more experience. It’s a learning experience for you too.

You won’t need to worry about a lack of work either. Each day there are 17 year olds looking to get their hands on a driving license as soon as possible.

If you’d prefer to not go at a driving instructor career completely solo, then you can consider working under a franchise. Franchises can provide added benefits and advice for a monthly fee.

What about the disadvantages of being a driving instructor?

Being your own boss means that you have to be self-motivating, and self-assured in your abilities. You’ll be able to set your own hourly rate, but you should also be on top of your own records and taxes.

You should be aware that the cost of becoming a driving instructor can be quite steep depending on the route you take. Expenses surrounding exams, registering and training may be a big factor in your decision.

Be aware that from time to time your students will cancel lessons on you with very little notice. Unfortunately this is a scheduled slot that you won’t be getting paid for. This won’t happen often but you should be aware of it.

While your clients can be very interesting, you won’t be a fan of all of them. Some may be much slower learners than you may like, but its up to you to be patient and professional.

In summary, there appears to be more ‘pros’ than there are ‘cons’ in the above, which can only be a good thing. Its up to you to decide how much weight each carries.

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