The Benefits Of Tracker GPS Tracking On Business

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The most important assets of the business of commercial transportation are its mobile units. Whether these units move people or cargo, a profitable operation is a result of the timely delivery of the payload. When the locations of these assets are known in real-time a fantastic opportunity exists to deliver improved service and reduce operational costs. Today such an opportunity is possible with a system called tracker GPS tracking.

The system involves the integration of different existing technologies to form a new product. These technologies include cellular communication, GPS, and computerization. Although real time monitoring is a relatively simple concept, there were formidable technological hurdles that have to be surmounted before it became the way it is now.

There are two main components of the system. One is the base unit and the other consists of multiple mobile units. The GPS is carried by the mobile unit. Each GPS is connected to a mobile phone or cellular modem. The cellular device uses the wireless mobile phone network to upload GPS data to the base station.

The base units are basically computers that have connections to the cellular network. They can be web servers where subscribers can log on or dedicated computers found in the office of the commercial establishment. Software such as GIS can be run on these computers to provide very powerful analysis of location data.

Using real-time data, management has an overall view of how several mobile units are performing. This makes it possible to make fine-tuned decisions on fleet performance. It also makes it possible to monitor the activities of employees who are out there in the field. Theft is a big factor in this business. By knowing where mobile assets are located all the time rapid and appropriate response is easy to do.

There are benefits of the system to the employees as well. For the drivers it means less paperwork and complete elimination of making handwritten reports on mileage, gas consumption and time spent on the road. These capabilities make life so much easier for the driver and this could make him appreciate the system instead of resenting that he is being monitored

There are concrete business gains for commercial transport firms when tracker GPS tracking is used. With the increasing power of computers and the effects of economies of scale, the technology would only become more powerful and cheaper. Savings can be realized when the technology is used. Additional opportunities are created when mobile assets are positioned more intelligently.

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