The Best Reason to RV Full Time

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When we started to RV full time it was somewhat difficult.

It was very difficult to get accustomed to the tiny living quarters, the toilet smaller compared to a phone booth, lengthy excursions on boring roadways, figuring out the way the cable television functions each and every camping site, fun black water drainings, extremely chatty Recreational vehicle next door neighbors, missing friends back home….

But regardless of all that soon after the first week or so, we started to realize how well RVing fit our life-style, exactly how comfortable it really is and just how the little living space in fact boosts your lifestyle and how liberating the voyage really is.

But undoubtedly, the best part of being in an Rv full time is the complete and utter freedom from “the scheduled life”.

In case you have little ones, you understand what I’m talking about.

It is the ceaseless scampering to soccer practice, lacrosse practice, swimming lessons, drum lessons, many different family events, infinite birthday parties, play dates and every other sorts of activity which takes up the majority of a suburban family’s schedule.

It’s exhausting!

Despite the fact that all of those things are wonderful and are enjoyable to do, while you’re RVing, you’re entirely free from that life style and you’re free to live life “unscheduled”.

When you are RVing full time, you choose to go where you actually want to go and at whatever pace that pleases you. Not that you should not have some sort of timetable, because you ought to.

In fact, you need Rv park reservations in the heart of summer time. It is because Rv parks fill up extremely fast and you have to order in advance or you’ll be shut out.

You’ll find loads of Motorhome bloggers who discuss just how living in a motorhome you’re your very own boss, there isn’t any reliance on motels, airports, dining reservations and becoming “at one” with the outdoors.

Don’t be misled by any of that. The very best reason of all is liberation from the scheduled life.

Freedom and “location independence” is exactly what drove me to build a lifestyle designed to enable a full time RV life style for a year…or longer. Once I read The 4-Hour Workweek three years ago, it was all over for me. I knew I had to do it. And author Tim Ferris doesn’t have children so he never even discussed this sort of liberation and freedom.

But for me personally there’s no other freedom that tops it. Maybe in the course of our journey I’ll miss all that scheduling, all the parties, the activities until then I’m not. It is a wonderful break and for me it is the very best reason to consider RVing full time.

If you would like to learn more about how to full time RV, click here to learn more about how you can go RVing full time.

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