The difference between painted on designs and vinyl cut decals

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If you have been rebuilding a motorbike and would like some sort of design on it, you may be wondering if you should have the motorbike painted or use pre-cut stickers. There are a few things you should be aware of before deciding.

Having the design painted on can be considerably more expensive than using vinyl. Some factors that go into the pricing is the specialised tools that are needed for spray painting, and the skills required to paint a design onto a motorcycle. This is normally out of the reach of most hobbyists who enjoy doing the work themselves.

Motorcycle decals are widely available from online retailers, that are mostly able to supply even customised motorcycle decal kits. With these type of decal kits being printed and designed on computers they are far more affordable than the average custom pained on designs. This is mostly due to the reduced labour cost and lower skill level required.

Another point to consider is how easy it would be to replace in part or whole should the design become damaged. For vinyl decals it is a simple matter of removing the damaged section and ordering an exact replacement from a local supplier. With painted graphics you are once again faced with specialised tools, required skills and now matching paint colours.

Finally you should consider the time frames. While a nice customised motorcycle could take up to two weeks or more, applying vinyl decals will not take more than a day or two for a novice and only a few hours if you have worked with vinyl decals before. Once applied properly there is no difference in the quality of finish between the two.

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