The Fast, Easy Eight-Step Guide To A Stress-Free Road Trip

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It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling solo, if you’re with your work buddies or high school classmates from way back when or your family – the road trip is an experience almost as American as apple pie. Needless to say, you will have to expect a lot of other families (and drunken groups of friends, teens included) joining you on the road and enjoying that long-distance getaway from it all.

If traveling over the holidays is in your plans, take the time to prepare for your trip. You’ll have a more enjoyable vacation if you plan carefully. Here are a few driving tips.

Give your vehicle a tune-up. Make sure your vehicle is up to date on its maintenance schedule, and be sure to check the battery and tires.

Plan in advance and know your route of travel. You will want to call in advance for the correct and safest directions (never mind if it’s a long cut), and to have maps at your disposal to serve as a guiding light once you’re off the main road. Even when the sky turns dark and driving turns dangerous, you will be able to drive properly and safely if you know your way to San Jose…or wherever you’re headed to.

Always stay focused. You may not believe it, but there are a lot of drivers who cause accidents because they aren’t paying attention. Expect to have a safe and enjoyable summer road trip if you do your planning well and maintain focus at all times.

Practice responsible cell phone usage on the road. But don’t leave the mobile at home, because your cell phone could give you easy access to AAA or other services in case of emergencies. It also pays to be aware of your cell phone’s features. But again, operate it with discretion. Reports suggest that driving while talking on the phone increases accident rates.

Keep your seat belts buckled. Whether or not it’s required by law in the state through which you’re driving, always wear your seat belt as a safety precaution.

Prioritize the safety and security of your vehicle. Help deter criminals from taking your car with steering wheel locks, switches that disable fuel or ignition systems, and electronic tracking devices.

If you’re in an accident. Taking immediate steps if you’ve been in an accident can protect your family and your car from further damage. Brake to a stop as soon as you could as soon as you can ascertain you are not impeding traffic. Then turn off your car so as to avoid the risk of burning up or overheating. Then step out of your car and direct traffic, using orange triangle reflectors or road flares to warn passing vehicles. Once everybody is safe, meaning you and your family, pull out your cell phone and call AAA, then your insurance provider.

Speaking of insurance, you must ensure that you have updated your auto insurance. Even if you’re going on that much-awaited family road trip, you shouldn’t even be thinking of going if your insurance has not been updated. An independent insurance agent or broker can provide the personal service and advice you need to travel in confidence.

To be safe, be smart on your next long-distance road trip.

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