The Importance Of Bearing Lubricants Can Be Seen Through Good Running Machines

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People as far back as the days of the Egyptians knew the importance of bearing lubricants. Their technology may have been only dealing with parts that slid back and forth together when building pyramids, but they had the basic concept about friction and the damage it could do.

The most important reason you need to make sure that any moving part is lubricated is because the parts slide together and from that sliding or rubbing against one another they are going to cause what is known as friction. Then the power that builds up when the parts slide together can cause the friction to reach a critical level. This then causes heat and it can make the parts have a seizure and they will either bond together or they can burn out.

When you properly lubricate machines then this is going to eliminate the friction that causes the failure of machines. This lubricant will stay in between the pieces that are sliding and helps the pieces or bearings roll smoothly without any friction. It will continuously reduce the coefficient of friction which in turn will reduce the force it needs to move the parts and will lessen the heat that the friction would normally create.

It’s also important to note that when the friction is reduced then the wear on bearing rings and other rolling pieces and when there is less wear and tear on parts the entire unit is going to have a lot longer lifespan. It also reduces the fatigue of the parts as well. The thicker the lubricant is, the longer the fatigue life is of the parts.

It should also be pointed out that having part well greased or oiled is going to also help the circulation. When the parts of a piece of machinery are well oiled the friction heat is going to be carried away from the parts in the machine. This heat will be moved to the outside. This then cuts down on any further overheating and deterioration of the oil.

When items in machines have enough grease on them it will also help to keep out any foreign materials. Often foreign materials can accumulate in machine parts when not properly greased and this then can lead to corrosion as well as rusting. Either one of these conditions can and will eventually break down the parts and cause the machinery to malfunction or quit working altogether.

Even though oils and greases are very effective at what they do, you need to realize that they will not be of any help if you do not lubricate on a regular basis. All oils and greases have their own operating lives and they need to be reapplied regularly in order to maintain the parts and the entire machine.

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