The new 2012 Camaro SS – your next muscle car

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Bored on a Sunday afternoon? Don’t feel like taking a drive when your car is too old, unreliable or just plain dull? Why not pick up a new 2012 Camaro SS? The feeling could change your life.

From the sleek look to powerful engine, there’s no way to be bored behind the wheel on this latest American muscle car. It’s 6.2L V8 engine will have you pushed back in your seat from the moment your foot hits the gas. Your hair will be on end as you see the tachometer and speedometer needles flick upward at an incredible pace.

It’s not enough for you? Why not start the powerful Boston Acoustics premium nine-speaker audio system and crank the volume up. If your hair wasn’t raised before, it will be now! Especially when you connect your own portable media device such as an iPhone or iPod to the car’s built in Bluetooth system. You heard that right, you can play all your favourite music without making use of messy cables, just hop in and press play!

Uncertain if the muscle car meets your needs because it is too small or you think it’ll be uncomfortable? Well the crisp leather seats and interior will help keep you comfortable the entire time. Premium climate control will keep the temperature at the optimal level.

Safety is equally important at the 2012 Camaro SS. Equipped with 8 airbags as standard, in the unfortunate event of an car accident, the driver and passengers are going to be flanked by nice safe pockets of air. Hopefully this never happens though, as the turn by turn navigation option should inform you the ideal route to take at all times. But if you’re just out for a leisurely Sunday drive, you won’t need that, just let the road take you wherever it does! The roar of the engine, the snarl of the exhaust, the thumping of the bass, what more could anyone want!

Not sure if the 2012 Camaro SS is the right car for you? Head over to Merrick Werners blog which will provide all the information you could need, including the 2012 Camaro SS Price, Pictures and Specifications.

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