The Penny Test And Other Useful Tricks

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Medical experts who have taken an interest in eastern medical practices will be able to tell you what is wring with you by studying the condition of your tongue. When it comes to your car, a tire makes a good substitute for a tongue. Okay, so the way your tires are worn won’t tell you anything about what is going on with the engine or why your radio isn’t working, but they can tell you a lot about your suspension system and other vital components.

There are four different ways that your tread may be worn. If your tire is badly worn, but the wear is even across the tire then all you have to do is replace your tires. If you can see metal or wires in your tires, it means that your tread bars are showing and you need to change you tires as soon as possible.

There is a simple way to keep a closer eye on you tires, if you insert a penny into the treads of your tire at its lowest point and if Abe’s head touches the tread you are still okay. The penny test is a quick and simple way of making gauging when you will need to change your tires.

If your tires are wearing unevenly that can be an omen of bigger problems for you car. Wear on one side of the tire and not the other usually signifies that your wheels are in need of realigning. The most common cause for your wheels to needing a realignment is a problem with a worn ball joint or with your arm control bushings. This type of wear pattern could mean that there is something wrong with your suspension and will require you to have a professional look at your car.

If your center treads aren’t worn but both the inner and outer treads are this could mean that you are not inflating them properly. A bent steering component may also cause this type of wear pattern if you are careful to make sure that your tires are always properly inflated. You may also need to have your wheels realigned. If the center treads of your tires are worn down this could indicate that you regularly put too much air into your tires. This tread wear pattern could also mean that your tires are too big for your rims, in which case changing the rims or the tires would solve this problem.

If you tire is round on one side and sharp on the other your tire is being feathered. Since you can feel the symptoms of feathering much sooner than you can see them experts recommend that you get hands on and feel the tires to ascertain if you are suffering from this. If you tires show signs of second-rib wear or cupping then you might simply have the wrong size of steel belted radials fitted, or it may indicate that you have a bigger problem with your suspension.

Checking your tires on a regular basis is the best way to diagnose these problems and have them sorted before they cause an more damage to you car. Feeling your tires with your hands and using the penny test is a great way of getting an idea of the overall health of your tires.

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