The Potential Pitfalls When Buying A Used Car

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Many people today opt for buying a used car as new vehicles are far more expensive and it is the cheaper option in these difficult economic times. Used cars are seen by a lot of people as better value for money. When you buy a new car you are protected by warranties and your investment is as safe as is possible. With buying a used car you have to be aware that there are some cowboys and sharks out there who are only interested in your money. Most car dealers are honest and reliable but there are many things that you should be aware of before you part with your hard earned cash.

You must prepare well before buying a used car and starting your search for one. There are many tricks of the trade and you have to be aware of them to ensure that you get a good deal and a good safe car. Ask to see thew cars documentation which includes a service history and any repairs to the vehicle as well as an M.O.T. certificate if appropriate.Secondly take a really good look at the bodywork looking for dents, scratches and perhaps less than normal levels of stone chip damage.

Always try and be realistic when bringing flaws in the bodywork to the dealers attention. After all you are buying a used car and not a brand new one. The key is being reasonable about minor damage. Next a thorough check of the tyres is needed. Bald tyres are not only against the law but highly dangerous. You should expect a good set of tyres on any used car that you buy. If they are not correct ask the dealer to change them.

Always inspect the underneath of a vehicle and it may be a good idea to take someone with you who knows about motor vehicles and how they work. If you see an oil leak it will need to be fixed and it is not always something serious. Lots of vehicles today have air conditioning as standard and if you see a clear fluid under the car it is almost certainly water from the air con system and totally normal. In rare cases you may be show a car that has been tampered with. a popular trick amongst some unsavoury car traders is to weld together two halves of the same model of car. This is illegal and very dangerous. If you see evidence of welding underneath the vehicle give the car a wide berth and inform the police.

Make sure you are very thorough in your car inspection as it will save you money in the long run as well as less heartache if you buy a car that is problematic.

After the exterior comes the inspection of the interior and the test drive itself.Check the general standard of the car inside.Look out for excessive leather damage or torn or damaged seats.Is the internal scratching reasonable for a used car?.Now you can start the car and if it does not start first time ask the dealer why. Look at all the dials and check that they appear to be working correctly as you drive the vehicle. Make sure all the relevant dashboard lights are working correctly and check the headlights and sidelights too.

Also check the brakes work correctly and make sure the steering wheel feels natural and comfortable. The last thing you need is a used car with a steering rack problem.For a manual car you will need to ensure that the gear changes are smooth and that there is no grating noise or jumping motion as you go through the gears.

Buying a used car just needs some common sense and good preparation and research. If you do those things the end result will be a good value, safe and longer lasting used car. The vast majority of car traders want to sell you a good car it is only the rogue dealers that you have to look out for. Be prepared and you will not get ripped off.

Before you consider buying a used car there are a number of things to be aware of forAdvice on buying a used cargo to David King’s website for the best Advice on buying a used car. Also published at The Potential Pitfalls When Buying A Used Car.

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