The Relationship Between Your Car And Your Lifestyle

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Your car and your lifestyle complements each other. It is not easy to know that unless you are told. The model, age, color and condition of a car are actually a reflection of the daily life. You may be surprised to know about the things that the automobile you drive says about you. Well not all qualities can be described by the vehicle that you drive but many are deduced from it.

A car is not just about transportation but an extension of you. A car is a reflection of you in terms of power, control, stability, status, independence and intelligence. Cars serve from serving emotional needs to giving the feeling of freedom.

Another factor that is considered when relating a vehicle to the individual is the age. Practical people usually change automobiles after every few months. They are people who take their time to carefully study the choices they have and consider the options before acquiring the next vehicle. This reveals that a person is patient and careful in their judgements.

Economy cars speak a lot from the initial cost of purchase, maintenance costs and fuel costs. Some people prefer to drive these cars because of their care about the environment but the main reason has to do with their finances. This automobile is owned by a saver. Not a rich person but a penny wise person who does not earn much and does not have much to waste.

These individuals most often come from well up families and have received very good upbringing when growing up. There is another group of persons who come from extremely poor backgrounds and have the need to indulge in all the good things that life has and they start with cars.

Sports utility vehicles were developed to be meant for leisure. However times have changed and new ones developed. Small utility vehicles show that one still has the taste of this world while one has the worries about fuel, maintenance and cost in the mind. It can be taken to mean that the person is family conscious and not extravagant.

Therefore it is not surprising to find middle level families with these types of utility vans. Large utility vehicles are usually a status symbol to show wealth and elegance.

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