The Vehicle of The Future Could Be A Hybrid

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When people pick a car, there are three qualities that they need to consider. The three are easy to refuel, have quick acceleration and can travel at least 300 miles between refuels. All three of these functions exist in cars and trucks that are gas powered, but they produce lots of emissions and their gas mileage is not very good. An electric powered car emits minimal pollution, but can only go 50 to 100 miles between battery charges, and the speed is slow.

Increasingly more people are switching to hybrid vehicles which try to marry the best qualities of gas powered cars and electric cars. To be able to comprehend what a hybrid is, you need to know what features are different with the two types. An automobile that runs on gasoline uses fuel to power up the transmission which then triggers the engine to generate the energy to move the wheels. In an electric automobile, large batteries provide power to the engine which then causes the car to move. A hybrid automobile works as a blend of the gas-powered vehicle and the electric car. By having a hybrid, the gas mileage is increased and minimizes the emissions that traditional gas powered cars make and it lacks the disadvantages that electric cars currently have.

You will see a small gas engine in a hybrid that is a lot more fuel efficient and less prone to producing pollutants. It works by using regular gas to power the gasoline engine. The electric side of the hybrid is not just an engine but a generator too. It also has a detached generator as well which gives it power to the electric motor. The battery pack in the hybrid is used to not only power the car but store the excess energy that is being created. As said earlier, the electric motor is able to produce electricity which then charges the battery. The transmission of any hybrid car works much the same way as a regular transmission.

The power sources found in hybrid cars are applied in two different ways. The first way is usually the parallel hybrid where there’s a fuel tank for a gasoline engine and a battery for the electric motor. The other way is the series hybrid where the fuel engine delivers power to the generator. The generator either can provide direct power to the electric motor or charge the battery packs.

As the popularity of hybrids continue to rise and the cost of building them goes down, it will reach a point where there is no reason not to get a hybrid. They should definitely give you better gas mileage, and at the same time reduce emissions to eliminate pollution.

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