Tips For Those Who Are Buying A Car For The First Time

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With the variety of makes and variants to select from, first-time car buyers can easily become overwhelmed. Just the same, with a bit of research and with realistic idea of what car they need, one can avoid being sweet-talked into getting a car that is stylish and feature-rich, but impractical since it makes you spend for things you can’t do without.

Before you start shopping for a car, you should examine your needs. This would entail looking at your savings, and your finances, and then setting a budget so you can take out models which are not within your limits from your choices. Keep in mind however that you should not only look at the price of the car itself, but the other payments you have to make related to its ownership like maintenance, insurance, and the like. You are about to make a financial commitment that will impact you for the next 2 to 5 years so you have to be realistic with your budget. As a rule, your total car-related fees should not go beyond 20% of your income.

Other considerations in buying a car would be how many persons will ride the vehicle, road and traffic conditions, and the usual distance and duration of your commute. For example, if you require a car that can accommodate four to five people, and you plan to drive it in the city, has intelligent features, yet will not require a significant cash outlay, a subcompact such as the Ford Figo is an ideal option. Ford Figo’s price by the way starts at INR 381,300.

It is very important that you research as much as you can about the vehicle, features, and the price so that you will know if it was offered to you at fair market value. Ford Figo’s price may vary among vendors because some dealerships offer more or better incentives than others. Fortunately, you can already do this at home as there are plenty of websites you can check out for Ford Figo car comparisons. These Ford Figo car comparison tools on websites will allow you to also determine which variant suits you and your budget best. Ford Figo is sold with either a petrol or diesel engine, and under each fuel class are 4 variants.

You should do some research as well on how other people, consumers and industry analysts alike, think about a particular model. Websites and blogs that are devoted to reviewing new cars or those that regularly compile the best-in-class cars are a good place to get these pieces of info.

Never buy a car without test driving it first as this will give you an idea as to how responsive and intuitive the car is. Industry analysts say that doing your test drives in one morning or one afternoon will help you compare your options more effectively, and thus help you arrive at an informed decision quickly.

Ford Figo Price on average is at Rs 3.8 lakh, which translates to about USD 7,300. Follow this link for Ford Figo car comparison.

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