Toronto Limousine Service: Travel In Style

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There is nothing quite like showing up at an event in a stylish mode of travel. Imagine the looks on faces as your fancy car rolls up in front of a restaurant, winery or church. Who could that be behind tinted glass, a chauffeur opening the door for her? Toronto limousine service is there to help you make the most of your day and feel like a VIP for a day.

This could be a group of teens traveling to prom in their beautiful dresses and snazzy tuxedos, an anniversary couple celebrating fifty years of matrimony, or just a group of good friends out on a shopping trip. Everyone qualifies for special treatment. Using a limousine or town car to pick up someone loved or respected from Toronto, Pearson or Hamilton Airport sends a message: this person matters. Nothing less will do for mom, a foreign business associate or your best friend returned from overseas.

How far Toronto companies will travel is equally important as how comfortable they make customers. For example, if the bride or groom wants a nerve-settling drink, having a wet bar on hand might be useful. When transporting kids or people who suffer car sickness, the provision of soda water and juice may be just the thing to stave off nausea. Cars are clean and luxuriously comfortable anyway, so travel sickness might not even break through the novelty or a refreshing nap.

Explore variation in fleets. Limousine companies frequently provide cars of several sizes and styles like hummers, vans and town cars. These carry four passengers at a time or as many as fourteen. Young men out to the pub for a bachelor party may appreciate the hummer more than their female counterparts.

If you want to be noticed on your way to the casino, book an eye-catching automobile. This could be the pink stretch SUV or the white stretch hummer. Hardly anyone drives one of those. Many cars feature a sound system in the back plus a TV, meaning your long journey could pass quickly

What kind of impression do you want to make? Is this a quinceanera, birthday, anniversary? Perhaps a wine tasting trip? Imagine sending car service to the airport to pick up an important business associate. Classy, clean inside and out, with a professionally trained and courteous driver: clients will want all of these features, plus maybe a wet bar where alcohol is available.

Where a funeral is concerned, there is no question: most clients like black. They may even want a fleet of identical vehicles made available for a large party of family members. Special training and experience in this area teaches a driver how to add more than punctuality to his resume, but also a talent for becoming invisible until needed, never standing out in the midst of grief-stricken relatives for his tardiness or untidy appearance.

For a large event, consider how many cars are available to clients. Should you wish for uniformity, this means finding out if they have several cars all of the same kind. Certain companies will even say on their websites that they are ready for your crowd of a hundred people. Book your seats on-line and beat the rush of customers arranging for wedding or graduation transport well in advance of the date.

With over 40 years experience in Toronto limo services, Park Lane Livery continue to lead the Toronto limousine services market.

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