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There is a big range of fun car parking games on the web – free and easily found. There are a few titles listed below that have received good ratings from players. This is a tiny sample of what is out there, ranging from basic-but-fun distractions to more challenging examples to titles that have been specifically designed to help you with driving exams in real life.

“Parking Mania”: Typifying the genre, this title is just what one would expect. The objective is to get your car past a number of obstacles to a space and then park it. As the game progresses you have to get past more and more obstacles. It is addictive in the simplicity of its action and goals.

“Car Park Chaos”: This title has proved popular with online users, and is quite addicting. Your task is to maintain order in the vehicle lot of the Popcorn Cinema, and your job is made more complicated by a big-time movie premiere and demanding time constraints.

Racing against the clock, you have to get every vehicle safely into its allotted space. Every time you succeed, you make a little money – but remain vigilant, you will be fined for any damage and you will lose your job if you knock over a pedestrian. This fun title is a great time-waster and will provide tons of enjoyment.

“Drivers Ed Direct Parking”: This game lets you practice your parallel park-angles while having fun. With the use of the arrow keys, you have to parallel park your Prius in the marked space while avoiding collision with traffic and other parked cars. This challenging game becomes more so as you progress through the four levels. Driving tips and hyperlinks to resources covering road laws are usually provided with the app, letting you study while you play.

“Drivers Ed Car Game”: Many driving students swear by this challenging title. It has five levels of parallel parking, left turns at four-way stops, left turns at green lights, proceeding at four-way stops and pulling out of spaces. After having practiced these standard procedures, the game gives users the option to take a test covering each maneuver.

Many car parking games are available for mobile devices as well, allowing you to practice procedure, revise rules, practice angles and have fun on the go. There are also titles that include a puzzle aspect, such as having to coordinate a specific vehicle color with a matching space in increasingly complicated patterns or incorporating mazes with movable obstacles. Look out for the ones that add a competitive element with dastardly enemies all gunning for your space.

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