What Are 10 Items That You Must Have On Your Boat?

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Keep reading to learn the ten handy and helpful reminders as well as mandatory and suggested items that you should keep on your boat. This summer, there is an inland boating season and you can try to get your boat ready for that.

The Importance of Push Button Signal Horn & Aerial Signal Kit. Having an air horn on board is a must in case there is an emergency, fog, or warning signal. You can have it stored anywhere in your boat. In case you are stranded on a large lake, it is also a good idea to keep an aerial signal kit such as a flare gun kit.

The Importance of a Personal Flotation Device or PDF. It’s important that you have enough PDF’s on board so that every passenger has one readily available. Don’t forget to provide the children with one that fits them correctly. Don’t forget to make sure that they are USCG Approved.

The Importance of First Aid Kits. Having a first aid kit handy is a great idea in case there is an emergency. Be sure that it includes some of the basics such as bandages, gauze, instant cold compress, alcohol cleaning pads, aspirin, antibiotic cream etc.

Boat Anchor. Make sure that you have the correct size anchor if you plan on docking, going to the beach, or in an emergency situation. We suggest that you have an anchor onboard for the rear of the boat and for the front.

What about Tow Ropes? Don’t forget to keep an extra tow rope with you in case you or someone else is stranded on the water. In the event that you or someone else breaks down and needs a lift, someone will be able to tow you to shore.

The Importance of a Fire Extinguisher. While you are on the water, you must keep a fire extinguisher with you. On your boat, you need to have a quality A-B-C extinguisher. If you need to use it it’s there but hopefully, you will never need to use it.

Universal Boat Cushions. Keep a few brightly colored boat / life cushions on the boat. Use them to toss to anyone that happens to fall over, or needs a hand swimming back to the boat.

Boat Registration. It’s also important for your registration to be current and on board with you. It’s a fact that the DNR can pull over anytime to check and see if your boat is legal.

Dock Lines. Keep a few dock lines for docking your boat to your pier or to someone else’s pier. To make it handy when you need different sizes, we suggest that you have a few loops already tied into the rope.

Cell Phone or Radio. Be sure that you have an onboard radio, cell phone or walkie-talkie with you. When you need to get a tow back or if someone wants to come and join you for a ride, then these will come in handy.

Have a great and safe summer on you boat this year!

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