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With today’s sky-high gas prices, you’re sure to have seen some TV advertisements for so-called fuel-saving products. Are these products really as good as they claim to be, or are they just overrated TV hype? Or are they just taking an extra bite out of our already shrinking car budget?

At the end of the day, you should be wary about any so-called device or oil/gas additive that claims to be able to save you gas money. But let’s be serious for a moment – there may be a few of these products that work, but the savings have been largely insignificant.

But they will try, and try desperately to sway you with their claims. “This gas-saving product improves fuel economy by 20 percent.” If you believe that, then you probably believe in the Easter Bunny. The EPA, no less, has tested more than a hundred of these fuel economy thingamabobs and found none of them – that’s right, ZERO – capable of living up to their promises.

Some of them may even end up causing damage to your car. There goes your kids’ college fund! We cannot stress this enough – when it comes to gas saving devices, don’t believe everything you see on TV or hear on the radio.

On top of that, these manufacturers have another way of reaching into your wallet. They would sometimes claim that the Federal Government endorses the product. In truth, there’s no such thing. If the seller claims the EPA has evaluated its product, ask for a copy of the report, or check www.epa.gov for information.

Saving gas money is actually best done through common sense. They can do more for you than any product in the market that can’t live up to their outlandish claims anyway.

When filling up, only buy the right octane level gas for your vehicle.

More speed means more gas wasted. It’s a fact.

When driving on the highway, go on overdrive. This can lengthen the life of your engine.

Put your car on cruise control in low-traffic situations or highway driving.

Unless you really have to, avoid braking or accelerating too hard. Tailgating is a no-no. This tip alone can improve your fuel economy by 5 to 10 percent. Abrupt starting and stopping of your car is a real fuel-waster, and a fast way of ruining your carpeting and seating if you’ve got car sick passengers on board.

Don’t leave your car on idle too long.

Free your trunk of any unnecessary weight.

Give your engine a regular tune-up. A poorly tuned engine or a bad spark plug could lead to increased use of fuel by some 10 to 20 percent at the most.

Make sure your tires are properly inflated and aligned. You’ll need to do this monthly. Your car will use up about six percent more fuel if tires aren’t inflated and aligned properly.

Change your oil.

Inspect your air filters and have them replaced if needed. Fuel consumption can be jacked up by some ten percent if the air filters are clogged.

There’s no need to buy products that cost you more money than they save. These little fuel saving tips can add up to an extra hundred bucks or so in your pocket each year!

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