What’s a Lemon and Why You Should be Concerned?

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If you have been in the business long enough, then for sure you know what a ‘lemon’ means. And if you have been listening to some consumer gripes, then there’s one story telling one consumer’s experience with a certified lemon. So what exactly is a lemon, and why everyone should be concerned about this? By definition, you can refer lemon as a defective and a problematic car that has been found out to have defects which were not evident and apparent at the time of purchase. The term lemon is often used for problematic vehicles but it should be kept in mind that this term can be used for other consumer products that have been found to be defective and subpar. For example, a computer that has been found out to be underperforming can be considered as a lemon. But in commercial and popular use, when one say that the product is a lemon then chances are that product is a car.

Now lemons can refer to new and used vehicles in the industry. So what are the things that make new vehicle a lemon? It should be kept in mind that even new vehicle may contain flaws and defects its construction and workmanship. These errors can be caused by design errors or faulty procedures within the production line.

Some of the most common errors noticed and experienced include parts and accessories that are incorrectly installed and fitted and wrong choice of materials and parts for the vehicle. But for legislative and litigation procedures, the vehicle must meet a number of requirements as stated in the lemon law before that vehicle can be called as a lemon. Based on the lemon law as adopted by all states in the United States, a car can be called a lemon if the car shows the same recurring problems even though multiple repair efforts have been made on the car. For example, if the vehicle issue has been the subject of three consecutive repairs and no development has been noted. And also, the law says that the vehicle can be considered as a lemon if the vehicle has been sidelined for more than 30 days at a time because of a recurring vehicle problem.

But the good thing is that though there is a lemon, there are set of laws in the form of the lemon law that offers protection to the consumers. The said law which may vary from state to state will allow for the consumers to get a refund or a replacement.

It is not just new cars that are covered by the lemon law. Even the used and old vehicles can be covered by the lemon law. Used vehicles may have been at the receiving end of poor repair works, thus the vehicle maybe covered by the law. An example of a lemon for a used car is in the form of the cut and shut work. This is a form of body collision repair wherein the wrecked part of the car will be fitted to another car that matches the section. If this job is not properly done, then this will not only compromise the safety of the driver but he safety of the passengers as well. There are other variations of these ‘lemon’ and used cars and you should be aware of these. ‘Lemons’ may come in cheap, but in the end using these cars are not safe.

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