When Your Car Doesn’t Feel Right

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Something might be wrong with your car. You are almost certain of it. Something just doesn’t feel the way it should.

It is something quite hard to explain to a mechanic, but if you have felt that sensation, it is best to not ignore it.

Maybe you feel like the car is difficult to handle. Maybe the ride just seems less smooth and stable. Or, it is even possible you feel a strange vibration.

Most of the times, if you feel any of the symptoms listed above, you are facing a problem.

Is your car hard to steer? Is steering in a straight line challenging? This might mean your front wheels are misaligned or you have worn steering parts.

Does your car feel like it wants to steer or pull to the right or left? You’ll need to get this checked out. It could simply indicate that your tires are not inflated well. But unfortunately, it could also mean that your front end is damaged or not aligned properly. Surely you don’t want to ignore the problem.

It is also possible that you feel your car vibrating. This is an indication that your tires are not properly balanced.

You might want to pay attention to your shocks and struts as well. You might need to replace them if your car is behaving oddly.

If you hit the brakes and your car pulls to the side, you absolutely need to have it checked.

And most definitely, if the brake pedal goes down excessively, it needs to be checked. You cannot wait to get the car inspected by a technician.

If you hear or feel scraping or grinding when you apply the brake, this indicates a problem that needs to be checked out.

And of course, the no brainer – You need to get your car to a repair shop if the “brake” light on the instrument panel is lit.

Engine trouble is on the menu if you find that your car is hard to start. You might also be alerted to the possibility of problems if your check engine light comes on, the engine runs after you remove the key, the car stalls or idles roughly, or you need to add more than one quart of oil between changes. Also, getting fewer miles to the gallon is nothing to pooh-pooh. Even that could indicate a problem with the engine.

Say the word “transmission problems” and your wallet being drained of all that’s in it comes to mind. Some of the signs include a slow response when the car is shifted from reverse to drive, if the car doesn’t seem to respond when the engine accelerates, or if the car doesn’t change gears when you accelerate. If shifting is hard – there could be a problem with transmission, too.

Just for your peace of mind, make sure the mechanic checks to see if it’s just a disconnected hose problem or if maybe the filter is plugged. These repairs are much simpler and cheaper than having your transmission replaced.

When it comes right down to it, you know your car and how it’s supposed to feel when all is well. If something doesn’t quite feel right, get it checked out. Listening to your inner voice might save you money and keep you and others safer on the road.

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