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I received the extension arm three days after calling, free of charge and shipping fees. It is a good, stable mount.

The video was recorded with Xacti 1010 was terrible.

Very stable even with a very tall video camera.

This company is going into my favorites list. Great product. When mounted, it almost feels strong enough that you could hang a manhole cover from the thing.

I love this camera mount. Front mounting a Cannon HFS200 was only possible with the camera on the passenger window, or upside down windshield. Highly recommend. As with others providing feedback, the unit was a bit too short to properly mount the camera (small point and shoot) in an upright position on a C6 Corvette. It’s best when used with a wider lens to eliminate noticeable shake.

I tried just the mount first. I bought this to record video from my race car during sanctioned events. We have contacted the manufacturer and we’ll see what happens from there – but if you buy this product don’t install it without measuring the screw and measuring that of a standard tripod mount before using it.

Whoever posted the customer photographs is a moron. But would buy again without question.

The extension cant possibly cost that much more to be included with the product. This is designed to attach to a recording device from the top of the device and not the bottom. Great holding power and worked straight out of the box! Will probably send it back.

This appears to be just the solution for mounting a video camcorder in a vehicle. This mount is use to mount my Canon HF10 to the front windshield of my Jeep Rubicon so I can video tape my exploits on the trails. The Delkin is just a few dollars more and comes with an extension.

If the main reason you will buy this product to fix on a car’s front window screen get the extension arm or get one with a longer arm, you can actually see in the product pictures that all the pictures of front window mount have the extension arm. Suction cup sticks to any hard surface. Well made but the smaller camcorders don’t have enough height to “see/view” over the suction mount.


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