Car Rental Tips You Need To Know About

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Many people use car rental agencies when they are on vacation or a business trip. It can make life much simpler than driving your own car a long distance. Yet there are many different car rental companies, and sometimes the rates differ quite a bit. How do you choose the best one? We’ll be looking at some helpful pointers to help you get the best deal the next time you rent a car.

As fuel prices remain high, paying for gas is something you have to think about when you rent a car. Sometimes you will get a full tank of gas with your car and you are responsible for refueling it before you return it.

This means you have to pay for that tank of fuel either one the front end or at return either way. Sometimes you get charged upon return sometimes you payup front. Most often people who rent cars for city travel won’t use up a whole tank of fuel and end up paying for fuel they don’t get to use. So if you don’t think you’ll be driving a whole lot it’s better to pay for your own fuel.

There are more and more options being offered to drivers by the car rental companies. But this convenience can lead to you paying for features that you don’t really need. Some car rental agencies offer child seats for an additional charge. By bringing your own, you can save some money. A GPS system is another common option. This may be useful if you’re in an area that you aren’t familiar with but if you know your way around, this option may not be necessary. DVD players and ski racks are other features that may be available. While you should enjoy features that you will use, by refusing ones that you won’t you can save money.

One of the most popular places to rent cars is at the airport but they are one of the worst from a consumer’s standpoint. The reason airports are not an ideal place to rent a car is they charge extra fees and taxes. So you end up paying more than you would have at a neighborhood car rental company. You will be better off, in most cases, to take either a taxi or the airport shuttle to a rental agency outside the airport. It is easier to do this if you plan it in advance. Airport car rentals are counting on people to not plan ahead. If you take the time to plan and look into all the details, renting a car can make traveling more convenient. While most car rental companies are not dishonest, they won’t necessarily go out of their way to save you money. You need to do your homework before choosing a car and signing an agreement. Following the above guidelines will help you not spend more than you need to on a rental car.

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