Get Back to the 1920s with Burnaby Museum in Burnaby, Canada

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For a great vacation, use cheap Burnaby car rental to go to visit Burnaby, Canada. The Burnaby Village Museum & Carousel is an enjoyable family attraction. It is located near Vancouver, Canada. The whole community is a living museum. The city has been rebuilt as still being in the 1920s. It’s a real tiny town, with over 50,000 items of historical importance from the 1920s period of time.

When you arrive there using car rental Burnaby, park the car and get into the past. Take a walking tour, throughout the Deer Lake Park area. There are indications that will tell you the historical information, found round the village. If you get lost, speak with the local citizens. It is important to keep in mind as you talk to the local people, that they’re living in the 1920s. They’re going to be dressed in traditional costuming from that period of time. They will not know what a mobile or PC is, so be prepared!

Kids and everybody in the family, will think that it is a blast to see this hamlet. It is a good way for children to figure out about history. At the Burnaby Public Library, visitors can explore the archives, and learn about genealogy of the local population.

The Burnaby Art Gallery, showcases the creative talents of various artists. But the main attraction, is the village. It covers 10 acres and is a living museum. All of the townspeople wear clothing, from the 1920 time period. They will welcome you to their houses, shops and firms, like it is the 1920s. A new great item to enjoy is a real interurban electrical tram, a transportation device used in the 1920s period of time. If you like old autos, then plan to go and visit the vintage automobile garage.

Everybody must have a ride on the C. W. Parker Carousel, which was initially built in 1912, and has been completely revived. Any person can ride the carousel. Each hand-painted pony, has it’s own history. The carousel has a special history of it’s own. As riders enjoy the spinning carousel, a real Wurlitzer Military band organ plays music. The experience of riding the carousel is a highlight for most visitors to Burnaby, Canada. For superb entertainment see a vaudeville show, before leaving in the car rental Burnaby. As you drive home in your inexpensive Burnaby car rental, everyone will be talking about their wonderful trip to the past.

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