Getting The Most Out Of Car Rental

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If you don’t get the type of car that you wanted, then car rental can be expensive as well as inconvenient and time consuming. When traveling, either on business or on holiday, most people would rent cars. Because your needs for these trips are quite different, it is important to get the right car at the right price.

You need to ensure that you get three or four quotes before making a choice whether you are phoning around or searching on the Internet. Your first priority is a rental agency that has drop off facilities nearby or has offices in the area that you are going to. You don’t want to add extra mileage just to deliver the car.

Special rates are offered by many car rental agencies and often, they are based on the length of time you rent the car for. There are deals that are tied with particular airlines and hotels. Your travel agent should be able to advise you on these package deals. When you look at special rates, check the mileage and fuel limitations. Although you may get a good price on the rental, you will also discover that you pay for most of the fuel and mileage. Check the insurance rates and any other extra charges carefully, then choose the best deal. Are you aware of the fact that the fancier the car, the more expensive it will be? If you don’t need a car with 7 seats and air conditioning, then don’t pay for it.

Some rental agencies have offices at airports so you can hop off the plane into your car, returning it when you arrive for your flight home. Others may have rental offices in town or they may offer to collect you from your hotel. It’s important that you have the necessary transportation to get to where you can pick up your rental car.

Just as you would with flights and accommodation, confirm your car reservation ahead of time. Have you checked whether the reservation fee is included in the rate or whether it is a separate fee? At the end of your trip, it can be exorbitant and unpleasant to have fees for exceeding the limit and have your budget be depleted which is why when using the car, don’t forget your mileage limits.

Before returning the car, it’s a good idea to refill it first. If they have to refill the gas tank themselves, then most car agencies add on to the gas price. You can get an upgrade sometimes if you collect your car early in the morning and the other rentals have not yet been returned. If the agency doesn’t have the type of car that you reserved, then a free upgrade is what they may offer you. Bear in mind however that a bigger engine means more gas.

Make sure to ask questions and shop around for the best deals and enjoy your trip in your rented car.

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