How Much to Rent a Car – The Different Factors that Affect Rent a Car Prices

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How much to rent a car may be determined by several different factors. It’s not ideal to rely only on the cost of rent a car prices for a given number of days, as this is just a fraction of the total cost of your car rental.

While that approach may be helpful, one has to understand that knowing how much to rent a car entails several more factors left to be considered. One of which is the type of vehicle that you intend to rent. Cars for rent can range from compact to full-sized ones, so depending on what you need and what you prefer, prices may actually vary significantly.

The average cost of renting compact sized vehicles like a Dodge Charger or Chrysler 300 may cost around $60 – $75 per day. On the other hand, if you prefer to rent luxury vehicles, you’ll need to prepare around $90 – $150. Some of the most popular luxury cars that you can rent are SUV, mini bus and limousines,

Another significant factor in determining how much to rent a car is your current location. Rent a car prices may vary considerably, depending on a particular place. Some cities do offer cheaper car rental prices compared to others. You may want to check out the car rental companies near your area and compare prices in order to get the best deal.

Moreover, renting a car will also allow you to obtain what you need, and some of the things that you want. Car rental companies often give clients the option to pay for additional car features that they might like. Car features may be a flatscreen television, dvd players, portable bar, a small kitchen, reclining seats and so on. You can have the luxury of enjoying any of these features at additional costs.

The number of days that you’re going to use the vehicle is also another significant factor in determining how much to rent a car. In most cases though, the longer you rent a car, the lesser you have to pay, especially if the company offers long term rent a car packages.

And of course, we have the insurance policy. Almost all car rental companies have car insurance policies, in which both parties are protected. You may want to talk to your provider with regards to their coverage and how much will likely be added on top of your car rental price.

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