Picaroons Brewing Company – amazing brewery to go to visit in Fredericton

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If California is the place to head to taste some exotic wine brews, people should head to Fredericton to get a taste of the finest lager and ale. Fredericton in Canada is probably one of the most colourful and breathtaking cities in the country. It boasts of splendid art and culture centers and a historic association with vintage rock and blues.

However , this is also the city for those, who like to take a drink of frothing ale and beer. Here, in Fredericton, you would find the legendary Picaroons Brewing Company. Grab a cheap car rental Fredericton to have a look at this famous brewery in town.

Around the world, bottles and cans of fine lager and ale bear the name of Picaroons. Set up first in 1995, the Company has gone on to be one of the most important brewing corporations on the planet. In the region of New Brunswick, where Fredericton is found, one can find numerous pubs where the Picaroons brew can be tasted. Along with the present quarters of the Picaroons Brewing Company, the authorities have also selected another site in the city. This one will be smaller in comparison nonetheless it will also carry out the brewing activity going fast forward.

Hence, what’s there for you? If you are keen on drinks and spirits, a brewery would fascinate you. If you’re fond of good lager and ale, you are advised to pay a visit to the Picaroons Brewing Company. You can use a cheap Fredericton car rental service for your added convenience. At the HQ, you’ll see how the brewers create some of the bestselling brand products by mixing in local as well as imported ingredients like barley and hops from nations like Britain, Germany, New Zealand and North American regions too. Therefore you will get to find out how the lager is brewed.

Furthermore, you can also sample numerous exotic and arresting flavors of the lager brewed at Picaroons Brewing Company. This is another reason why you should take an inexpensive Fredericton car rental agency for your trip. Some of the tastes like Best Sour, Blonde Ale, Melon Head and Dark and Stormy Night became reasonably popular among lager aficionados. Hence if you are also one of them, you’ll find the trip to the brewery a most refreshing and clarifying experience. Just be sure that you have prepared an inexpensive trip with efficient car rental Fredericton.

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