Wellington Brewery in Guelph – the spot for true lager lovers

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If you love a good micro brewed lager, then you’ve got to visit Wellington Brewery in Guelph for a fantastic pint or two! This brewery has been about since 1985 when Phillip Gosling needed to prepare English-style ales for the people of Ontario. His concept has turned into a beer and obtained and consumed all around the world thanks to his vision for Wellington brews. These special lagers have been brewed on site since Wellington became one of the fist micro brews in the area.

Wellington Brewery has been gaining awards since 1987 for its exclusive ales. Since the brewery has switched owners in 1995, the beer has since become acknowledged and more widely available for people to taste. Since 2009, it has been Canada’s oldest independent brewery in the country. You can visit and take a visit to the brewery every Sat. from 1 p.m. To 4 p.m. The tours are only five dollars and you’ll get to see where the lager is done and be in a position to taste it too!

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Where precisely does the name Wellington come from? This microbrewery was named after the first Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley. He’s the chief of the English armed forces who won against the French at the Battle of Waterloo. Right after, Wellesley became P. M. and made laws that allowed people to consume lager readily and without too much expenditures. Thanks to his lager friendly patronage, the first Duke of Wellington is a microbrewery! You can hear more about his story and the beers when you visit the Wellington Brewery in Guelph.

Wellington Brewery is a complete must see for any beer lover. You can try their famous lager and ale that has become famous around the globe for its crisp taste. If you adore a good beer, then come to Guelph and taste it!

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