Why Credit Card Payment Is Cheaper In Car Rental In Singapore

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Car renting business is profitable especially in Singapore which is a frequent itinerary of road warriors from all over the world. There are many to consider on the operations side of the car rental business, including car maintenance, insurance coverage, frontline operations, conformity to motor legislation, franchising, re-selling cars, and customer qualification.

One of the risks of running a rental business is the driver’s qualification. To safeguard the business owner and the driver, Singapore imposes regulations on who could be authorized to rent a car and drive it. These legislation are just like the laws in North America.

Age. You must be no less than 18 years old to be able to rent a car in Singapore. Some car rental companies will not insist on the age requirement for 17-year-olds granting they’ve held their driver’s license for at least a year plus their parents signed a Guarantee of Rental to Minor permit. This permit in essence puts the financial responsibility on the parents for just about any damage incurred from their children driving the rental.

Elderly adults 66 years and older are also not permitted to rent a car in Singapore. The age restriction is a significant concern. In North America, a 2009 report discovered that 18 out of 100,000 fatality from motor accidents were when the driver was between 80-84. This really is the second highest death rate, next to those attributable to young drivers age 16-20.

License. You must be a holder of an active driver’s license for you to be eligible to rent as well as drive a car in Singapore. Foreigners must secure an International Driver’s Permit. Ask your travel agency about this.

How Much Is Rental Payment? You’ll appreciate to know that the fee for rental company in Singapore is affordable taking into account the clean, new, and branded cars. This is due mainly to the high standards in Singapore and also to the many players in the market. Rental companies accept major credit cards. Payment in cash may require additional costs for admin fee. Remember that rental is just for one driver, extra drivers may draw additional fees.

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