Gas pumping myths and realities

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If you believe the gas pumping misconceptions out there, there are a few ideas for pumping fuel that make a big difference. While a few of them may bear some weight, the truth is that there are few tricks concerning the best way to pump fuel. Here they are, and many of them are safety-related.

A few misconceptions

Three typical gas pumping recommendations tend to circulate online, and according to Snopes and other sources, all three are either entirely false or mostly false. Here they are:

1. Only fill up if it is cold. This is because gasoline expands when warmer, and that means you are actually going to end up getting less gas in the end.

2. The amount of fuel that leaves the tank as vapor can be minimized by simply squeezing the nozzle trigger lightly. You will end up with more fuel for less cash.

3. You will get better fuel efficiency if you can trap gasoline in the tank instead of air, so always fill the tank when it is half full. When the tank gets less than a quarter, more gas fills the empty room.

Temperature of gasoline

It does not matter if you are waiting for the gas to cool or not since it is warm when it is delivered to the gas station anyway. On another note, it is a good idea to wait until after the delivery truck is gone before filling up. Dirty gas hurts fuel efficiency, and it is assumed that just a little bit of dirt and sludge are put to the tank accidently when it is being filled up. There are filters to minimize this though, and the average consumer will not be impacted.

Squeezing silly myths and tank levels

Whenever you are squeezing the fuel pump nozzle at low or always filling up when the tank is half full, you will see tiny amounts of money savings, but you will not see enough to warrant additional attention. You will lose time, which is worth something, in case you are doing either of these activities, and none of them are worth the savings you get out of them. Stay away from doing them when possible.

Recommendations to keep in mind

1. Choose the proper octane/gas type – Otherwise, you can ruin your motor, particularly if you pump diesel into a non-diesel motor. If you mess up, do not start the car. The tank must be drained and rinsed out many times

2. Always look at the owner’s manual to determine the recommended octane level

3. You will be in a good position if the gasoline tank access hatch is on the side of the fuel pump

4. The car should be in park with the motor off before you do anything

5. Unless you want to die, keep away from smoking while pumping

6. When there is extra fuel, the pump deal with will suck it back meaning you pay for it but do not get it. Do not top off for this reason

7. After you are done putting in fuel, put the gasoline cap back on immediately, and make sure it is tight

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