Breast Health – Free or Low Cost Mammograms Are Available

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Even though women know the importance of getting mammograms routinely after the age of 40, many have fallen behind in this crucial tool for their overall breast health. There are numerous groups that sponsor programs to promote breast health awareness, but even with widespread media events, these groups are still not getting the response desired.

There are several reasons why women may postpone getting their mammogram. Some women believe that if they are vigilant about doing breast self-exams, or if they have clinical exams done, they are doing all they should be doing to detect breast lumps and irregularities.

However, according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), even though doing breast self-exams is an important part of your overall breast health, it does not replace having a mammogram. Mammograms have been shown to decrease the risk of dying from breast cancer due to early detection. Physical examinations, no matter how diligent, fall short of finding smaller lumps.

Put simply, a mammogram is an actual X-ray of the breast tissue. Even before a lump can be felt by a woman or her doctor, the x-ray can pick up the appearance of a lump or irregularity. This early detection by the mammogram will give the doctor and patient a wider range of options for treatment and cure.

Even if you are a fanatic about routine breast self-exams, you also need to schedule a mammogram. A mammogram in addition to breast self-exam is the only way to ensure that you are providing yourself with proper breast health care.

The National Cancer Institute estimates show that 1 in 8 women born today will have breast cancer during their lifetime. But, whatever the statistics say, it always comes down to just 1. Me. If I want the best chance of fighting breast cancer if I am that one woman, then wouldn’t a mammogram be the best tool to use? Since early detection is the key to fighting and winning, and mammograms give us the earliest detection possible, isn’t it wise to make yearly mammograms a part of life?

Now, to the reality of why some women are not getting their yearly mammogram. Insurance. Many women who agree that mammograms are crucial to their breast health feel they have no choice. They either lack insurance or they are under-insured. These women simply feel they can not afford a mammogram.

If you are thinking that you can’t afford a mammogram, think again. Start by calling your local hospital or clinic and ask about low cost or free programs during the month of October in observance of National Breast Health Awareness Month. These programs fill up quickly, so call right away and schedule an appointment. The hospital may direction you to a state or local program that could offer an array of health care including your yearly mammogram and annual exam, along with other care you may need if your test results warrant further examination.

Please don’t miss your yearly mammogram because you think you can’t afford it. Call your local hospital or go online to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) or the American Cancer Society and find the information you need for your location. Free and low cost programs are out there, you just need to find them. Don’t let another year go by without getting your mammogram.

For many women, lack of adequate health insurance means missing their yearly mammogram. Don’t let this happen to you. Get the information you need to Schedule A Free Or Low Cost Mammogram now, today. Don’t let another year go by without this life saving test. Women over 50 are having fun over at Come join us!

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