Health Insurance – Chiropractic Benefit Coverage With Auto And Auto Policies

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Chiropractic treatment has a history of being controversial and seen as non scientific by the medical community. The medical field has disagreed with the treatments provided by chiropractors, however recently the alternative treatment has earned some credibility and has become accepted among medical professionals. Its inclusion in health insurance – chiropractic benefit coverage is becoming a common part of managed care plans.


Chiropractor therapy does not involve surgery or drugs. It is performed by licensed practitioners who received their training at an accredited college. The therapy does involve adjustments and manipulations of the spine, and may be combined with hot and cold treatment, nutritional issues, exercise, and other therapies. It is important to make certain that the additional services provided by the chiropractor will be covered under the health care plan the patient has.

In order to get paid through insurance companies, chiropractors will contract with the managed care network or insurance companies, accepting the treatment guidelines and schedule of fees of the managed care organization. This will designate the chiropractor as a provider of care covered by the particular health coverage companies. The chiropractor will then be listed in the company provider manual which also is a form of advertisement.

Much like any other medical treatment, the patients will often be required to pay co pays for chiropractic care until the yearly deductible is reached. Once reached, the plan will then pay the chiropractor the contracted fee amounts. Patients will pay much less for chiropractor care when they carry a policy that their provider is a member of.

Payment for the chiropractor service follow guidelines that are very similar to those for traditional medical therapy. The acceptance of chiropractor treatment is the result of the increase and acceptance of other complementary and alternative medicine. Employers are now demanding the inclusion of chiropractor services in group plans in response to employee requests.

There are also discount plans that are offered as alternative way to pay for treatment. Many policies offer discount plans for dental and eye care and chiropractor discount plans work the same way. The patient is provided a discount rate that is paid out of their pocket and not reimbursed by the health plan.

Automobile coverage may also include chiropractic care for damages sustained in an accident. With coverage through automobile insurance, the patient will not have to obtain a referral form a medical doctor to see a chiropractor. Make sure that it is understood exactly what a policy will cover because some of the treatments that the chiropractor uses may not be covered.

With the increased acceptance of chiropractic care by the medical community, which in turn has caused its inclusion in conventional insurance – chiropractic benefit coverage has become more common in health plans. It is also wise to check to see which auto coverage policies include chiropractic treatment in case of damage sustained in an accident.

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