How To Blog Real Estate and Make Money

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How To Monetize Your Real Estate Blog For Newbies

Blogging? What the heck is that? It is basically writing about what you love. This is why I mentioned earlier that you would need to find a niche that you are passionate about as you are going to need to create content i.e. written content, pictures and/or video content.

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Got to Gmail and set up an account. Remember, even here you’ll want to try to use your keyword as part of your email address. So try for something like “” or “”. You get the idea.

Once you do that then you’ll need to go to and set up a “Blogger” account. This will be your “website”, if you will. You can now reference this link below and watch the video, as it will be easier for you to understand if we just walk you through it.

So by now you have a basic understanding of how to set up your “blog”, the basics of navigating the blog and also how to install Adsense on your site. I want to add that, in addition to adding Adsense to your site, you can also find other products to promote on your site. What you want to do is find products that you like or that would be related to your niche visit the site and see if they offer affiliate programs for their product.

What is an affiliate program and how do you get started?

Most merchants have affiliate programs. Essentially, they will allow you to put a link or banner on your site. If someone clicks that link and makes a purchase you get paid a commission. To do this you need to set up an affiliate account with the merchant. (Any reasonable merchant will offer phone support to explain how it is done if you don’t already know. But it is pretty easy and you shouldn’t need too much help to get started.)

Once your account is set up with the product you want to affiliate market then you will be re-directed you to a page that will have banner links and ads specific to their product. The links & banners from within your account will, by default, be embedded with your affiliate code associated with your affiliate account. (So no need to be intimidated by HTML coding.) Scroll and choose the banner add you like then simply copy and paste the code they provide in to your “Blogger” page.

Here is how you do that. Remember in the video when I showed you how to add Adsense? There is another category called “Add a Gadget”? You click add a “Gadget”. A new window will open within Blogger. Then scroll down and choose the Gadget that says “HTML/Java Script”. Blogger will then open another window. All you need to do now is copy and paste the “code” from the affiliate program banners and paste it in to the window where it says “content”. Then hit save and it will install the banner link for you. Hit save and then view the page. You should now see your affiliate banner appear on your blog page. No need to understand or write code. The affiliate code will be the way the merchant tracks who comes to their site. If someone purchases that product through your link then you get paid. Normally, if that person visits a merchant through your link then the merchant will ‘cookie’ or archive that link. So, if the person doesn’t buy the first time and then re-visits at a later date and makes a purchase within say, 60 days, you will be credited for the sale. But those timelines may vary. Ask your affiliate to provide you with their internal policy on “cookies”.

Affiliate sales shouldn’t be confused with Adsense. Adsense pays per click (PPC). PPC revenue isn’t much but does add up over time. Affiliate programs can be much more profitable if you have a lot of traffic coming to your site. So I highly recommend researching and finding products you believe in and promote those on your site. Pick and choose carefully. Don’t just load your site up with tons of ads. The real key is that you must get some “eyeballs” on your page and to do that you must provide interesting, valuable content.

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