How to Clean up Fire and Smoke Damage

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This article will provide some steps on how to restore your property after a small fire has occurred and caused smoke damage to your walls and ceilings. The issue with fire damage is that it puts soot on surfaces as well as cause smoke smell and bacteria due to water damage from extinguishing the fire. Some steps that can be followed are listed below.

Make sure you don’t hire an unprofessional to restore your fire damaged property otherwise they can easily end up causing more damage. Not to mention, you may be overcharged because of inefficiencies.

The next step is to call your insurer as soon as you can as they can give advice on what they cover and what items are covered under the policy.

Charred Items and contents may need to be disposed of. It is important not to be too convervative as alot of these items can be uneconomical to fully restore. Especially when it comes to porous items such as ceiling insulation and fabrics.

If you have air conditioning ducts at your property they will need to be repaired professionally if they are salvageable.

An engineer or qualified contractor can provide advice find out what part of the structure may need to be replaced.

Water Damage caused by putting out they fire need to be dealt with. It is possible you will need to dry the building out.

Have a look at the framing of the building, the framing may need to be sealed to deal with the odour.

When taking your garments to the dry cleaners, make sure they are aware of the smoke odour.

A fantastic tool used for removing smoke odour is an ozone generator. Be cautious when using this machine as O3 can be toxic if not used properly. Best to trust this to the professionals.

Walls and ceilings can be vacuumed first before wiping them. This can make the process progress faster.

Now that your walls and ceilings have been cleaned, they will need to be repainted usually with at least two coats.

If you need Smoke Damage cleanup services call New Life Restoration. Fire damage restoration is a speciality of our having completed relevant qualifications and gained 10 years experience servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

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