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When you are thinking about your personal health, are you concerned about increasing NHS waiting times and the prospect of exposure to potentially deadly viruses like MRSA? Do you look forward to receiving treatment from over-worked staff? If that is so, then perhaps you should get yourself to UK Health Cover – it is an affordable alternative to NHS healthcare. It aims to look after the health of its policyholders and their families and is also known as PHI, or private health insurance. Your UK Health Cover policy will help you to remove your worries about the delays in treatment and infection risks that are sometimes associated with some NHS hospitals, where cases of MRSA hit double digits yet can be zero in a private hospital.

If you ask your GP for a referral to a specialist for a new illness, you need to be very patient. It can take many weeks before the first appointment comes through your letterbox. Another point is that you would be very fortunate if your first appointment is with an actual consultant; more usually, you would get to see a more junior doctor like a registrar. You may never speak to an actual consultant. The doctor you see may then decide that you will require a second appointment or maybe even surgery or medical intervention. At this point, the next appointment along could be weeks or even months away. During your long wait, your symptoms may worsen and you will be left to worry without contact with a doctor. At this point in the proceedings, undoubtedly you will feel that things are out of your control – and this feeling would be felt more keenly if we were talking about one of your children needing treatment.

UK Health Cover obliterates the extensive waiting times for treatment at your local NHS hospital. With UK Health Cover, you will get an appointment with a consultant of your choice, at your choice of private hospital or even in the private ward of an NHS hospital. You will thank UK Health Cover when it sees you placed in a clean, private ward with full en-suite facilities, a telephone and satellite television. The staff have more time to spend with you and more time available to clean and sanitise your clinical area in an effort to remove the risk of potentially fatal MRSA and C Difficile bacteria.

Your loving family and friends will be able to can visit you at their and your convenience. UK Health Cover customers will not have restrictions to visiting hours when they are inpatients, unlike a busy NHS ward. This will help them to worry less because your family can be there at your side at any time of the day. You will have a private room so you will not be forced to sit in your pyjamas next to a member of the opposite gender. Remember, you will be receiving personal care from your own consultant from the moment you arrive until you leave.

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Sure, but isn’t UK health cover going to be ridiculously expensive? UK health cover actually begins at less than £10 per month, although premiums will be slightly more expensive if additional coverage options are purchased to supplement a basic policy. If additional family members are included on a policy, the overall average premium reduces even further. This represents fantastic value for the prospect of preferential medical treatment at the times when you need it most.

Most UK Health Cover providers offer other services for corporate and company customers, including private health insurance. There are also cash plans that allow you to reclaim the cost of treatment for dental, optical and physiotherapy.

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