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Aside from buying a new home, buying a new car is the biggest purchase that many of us will ever make. The National Automobile Dealers Association tells us that the average cost of a new car in Charleston SC is approximately Twenty Thousand dollars. That is the main reason that getting a solid deal is so important while negotiating for a new car. You have to take the time to strongly consider which of the car models and options you want and just how much you are going to pay for them. One important factor is doing your research and having the knowledge you will need while negotiating. If you do this, you will be less likely to feel pressured into buying hastily and costing yourself a lot of money. If you’ve done your homework, when you get to the Charleston dealers showroom, you will be more likely to get a fair deal.

Consider some of these smart shopping suggestions – check publications like magazines, your local library, bookstores, and as always, the Internet is full of important information on new cars. You will learn about new car features and the prices you will certainly run into once in the dealer’s showroom. These practical sources and many others will provide crucial information on the many car dealerships costs and for the car models you are interested in looking at. Look around at several Charleston car dealerships and you will know when you have found the best possible price because you will be comparing the models and their prices in local newspapers and in person at the Charleston car dealer showrooms. You might also want to contact a car-buying service or a broker-buying service to become even more informed about your options.

Set a price you won’t go over, then, plan on negotiating at the Charleston dealership. Charleston car dealers may be more than willing to bargain the day you walk in. Sometimes for as much as 10 or 20 percent off sticker! Usually, with car dealers this is the difference between the (MSRP) and the invoice, or “sticker price”. The price is a big factor in the dealer’s calculations regardless of whether you are paying cash or financing your car, and also affects your monthly payments, so, negotiating the price can save you a lot of money. Also, consider ordering your new car if you don’t see what you want on the Charleston car dealer’s lot. This will involve a bit of a delay, but cars on the Charleston lot may have options you don’t want and that can raise the price.

Charleston car dealer Negotiations often have a vocabulary of their own. Here are a few terms you may hear when you’re talking price with a Charleston car dealership. The Invoice Price is the manufacturer’s initial charge to the dealer. This is usually higher than the Charleston dealer’s final cost because dealers receive many rebates, allowances, discounts, and even incentive awards. Generally, the invoice price should include the freight. If you’re buying a car based on the invoice price and if the freight is already included, you need to make sure the freight isn’t added again to the sales contract. The base price is the cost of the car without any options added, but includes the standard equipment and the factory warranty. This price is printed on the sticker.

If you decide to finance your new car, please be aware that the financing obtained by the Charleston car dealer, even if the dealer contacts lenders on your behalf, may not be the best deal for you. You really need to contact the lenders directly. Then, compare the financing they offer you with the financing the Charleston car dealer offers you. Offers vary,so, shop around Charleston for the best deal, comparing the annual percentage rate and most importantly the length of the loan. When you are negotiating to finance a car, be very wary of focusing only on the monthly payment. The total amount you will pay depends on the price of the car you negotiate, the APR, and the length of the car loan.

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