Sketches of an All New Kia Sedan Revealed

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The first official sketches of Kia’s all-new flagship sedan were recently released to the public. The car has been code named “KH” and is the first ever Kia sedan with rear-wheel drive. This new sedan is likely setting a new standard of design in the sedan market.

“KH” is one of Kia’s most anticipated new models and will be launched in the first half of 2012. The words Kia has used to describe the “KH” are “distinctive, modern, and classic”. The “KH” combines innovative design with high-tech features which are expressed through sophisticated, technically-advanced elements. Kia has truly designed a vehicle that will outshine its competitors.

The “KH” has a bold front-end design that resembles a luxury car. The radiator grille has a charismatic family-look, while being flanked by modern headlights that reinforce Kia’s innovative image. The unique hood design has proportions that give the “KH” a classic car-like feel.

Kia designers took special time to focus on the “KH” profile. Overseeing the design is Kia’s styling chief, Peter Schreyer, the former Audi designer responsible for the lines of the first-generation TT. The “KH” gives a feeling of spaciousness. The “KH” has a sophisticated rear with high-tech lamp clusters and bold, chrome accents. The “KH” emphasizes the bold, dynamic image of the new Kia while featuring a simple side character line.

Kia has not released specifics regarding the vehicle’s powertrain, but the “KH” will likely have a V-8 engine and will most likely be built on the Hyundai Genesis platform.

It was stated, “Although launch timings for overseas markets are yet to be confirmed, this all-new rear-wheel drive large sedan will definitely become the leading model of our line-up around the world, showcasing the best of the best of Kia.” Be on the lookout for the new Kia sedan that will top all other sedans on the market.

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